Everest Cousins Reunion 2017

family   0086  The Original Everest Band from whence we all sprung! JP9A7685  Warm-up dinner on Friday night at the Newport Chowder Bowl...... JP9A7695 JP9A7733  I conned little brother David into believing this rock was beached and wanted to be back in the ocean!
JP9A7734  Proud of my big brother leadership! JP9A7779 JP9A7781  Cousin Susie (MC) introducing the mob at the Bayshore Club in Waldport on Saturday afternoon. JP9A7782
JP9A7783 JP9A7784 JP9A7785 JP9A7790
JP9A7791 JP9A7792 JP9A7794 JP9A7795
JP9A7796 JP9A7797 JP9A7799 JP9A7801
JP9A7803 JP9A7804 JP9A7806 JP9A7807
JP9A7808 JP9A7809 JP9A7813 JP9A7814
JP9A7815 JP9A7816 JP9A7817 JP9A7818
JP9A7819 JP9A7820 JP9A7822 JP9A7823
JP9A7824 JP9A7826 JP9A7834 JP9A7835
JP9A7836 JP9A7837 JP9A7838 JP9A7839
JP9A7840 JP9A7841 JP9A7842 JP9A7843
JP9A7844 JP9A7845 JP9A7846 JP9A7847
JP9A7849 JP9A7850 JP9A7851 JP9A7852
JP9A7853 JP9A7854 JP9A7856 JP9A7859
JP9A7861 JP9A7864 JP9A7865 JP9A7866
JP9A7867 JP9A7868 JP9A7873 JP9A7876
JP9A7878 JP9A7880 JP9A7882 JP9A7887
JP9A7891 JP9A7894 JP9A7900 JP9A7906
JP9A7907 JP9A7908 JP9A7909 JP9A7917
JP9A7927 JP9A7930 JP9A7931 JP9A7939
JP9A7942 JP9A7944 JP9A7945 JP9A7948
JP9A7949 JP9A7952  Breakfast on Sunday morning, Ed Ott reserved a table for 14, final number was at least double that! JP9A7953 JP9A7955
JP9A7957 JP9A7959 JP9A7961 JP9A7964
JP9A7966 JP9A7969 JP9A7971 JP9A7974
JP9A7975 JP9A7977 JP9A7980 JP9A7982
JP9A7985 JP9A7986 JP9A7989 JP9A7995
JP9A7999 JP9A8001 JP9A8004 JP9A8006